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Личные данные
Профессия: Психоневропатолог
Место жительства: Россия, Новомичуринск
Интересы: The services of illustrators, artists, and especially user interface (UI) designers are not available to everyone from a financial point of view. Moreover, finding talented specialists is not an easy task - download vector line icons.

"Macropik", whose official website is located at: Macropik.Com, offers its visitors a wide variety of graphic resources. This portal contains unique graphic content suitable for any task. For convenience, all digital goods are divided into categories, including:

● infographics;
● presentations;
● illustrations;
● images in PNG format;
● templates;
● backgrounds;
● objects;
● isometric graphics;
● icons for software, applications;
● sets of user interfaces (UI).

User interface kits are designed for mobile applications as well as large websites and portals. All of them are modern and take into account the specifics of each subject and area for which they are intended.

The section in which free images and other graphic content is available to users deserves special attention. You can use it at personal and non-commercial prices completely legally, without fear of any sanctions from the copyright holder. This section is a great way to evaluate content from the talented authors of "Macropik".

About the benefits of the resource

This stock offers customers tens of thousands of images on various topics, which are professionally and of high quality. All content is protected by a simple commercial license, so once purchased, buyers can use it for any purpose completely legal.

Affordable pricing policy is an important advantage of this store. It is enough to pay a subscription for one month, which costs only 12 USD, to get access to download all the content!

Информация о работе
Должность: Психоневропатолог
Место расположения: Петрозаводская улица